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Mainly to do with Sailor Moon, "kawaii" stuff, cosplay, general interests such as Magical Girl genre, travel, humour and sewing.

I also love sweet and fluffy things so see food and animal/fuzzy things overload! x


Winning love by daylight


Winning love by daylight


My Hanon Hosho cosplay for Connecticon is 99% complete! Just need to grab some star earrings and hair pieces, craft the shell necklace, and im all set!

Just kinda keeping this here for my own personal reference and to show it around!

Omg, squee! The cosplay looks fantastic on you! Makes me look at the flaws of my own hanon cosplay >.>

Anonymous said: where did you get your sailor moon wand?

Which one are you referring to as I have a few? x

I got most from eBay, whilst one (cutie moon rod) was from a convention and I got my eternal tier from Yahoo Japan.



Lil Pokemon friends by itsbirdy